Wednesday, 29 January 2014

About the word "lewd"

[02:00:05] Reighe:
[01:59] Вероника Петрова:  and I get to knwo lewd...the word by you
[02:00:15] Reighe: how do I react to this (rofl)
[02:00:31] hellraiser: tell her she's an illiterate swine
[02:00:44 | Edited 02:00:50] Reighe: hey, prosto ne znaeshe mnogo anglijski
[02:00:58] hellraiser: 4estno kazano
[02:01:10] hellraiser: mislq 4e ako ne vlizah redovno vyv 4chan 6tqh da zabravq taq duma :D
[02:01:17] Reighe: :D

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