Sunday, 22 December 2013

Was that appropriately inspirational?

Marvelous ending words.

Okay, not completely last. That's where the anime should have ended, though. Or, at least, it should have been without that last talk about choices. Oh well. Works just as well, even not fulfilling the above condition on 100%.

Kanade and Yukihira were both really cute. OTP and all, they really fit with each other.
Now, consider the fact that I already have an OTP.
The rest of the girls weren't bad either.
...what the fuck?
No, really, I wasn't annoyed by either Ouka or Chocolat.
God was kind of annoying. Not the Asshole God, he was cool and all. The... was she the Hissy God or not? I don't remember anymore.
Silicone Boobs was a nice touch. But... uh, dunno about her character status. I mean, yeah, a character and all, but more of a parody device?  That's okay, SZS was like that too. And SZS was great characters all over. I liked mostly everyone here, too. Simply wondering, though, is the me when I hear about Natsuhiko. Is he coming from SeiZon?

Animation was good. Nothing to make me wet, or to drop my jaw, but for this kind of anime? It'd just've looked out of place. It was great at what it did, and that's what matters.
On the other hand, the voice actors' play was superb. God, I don't even have words. The words from the title are still resonating in my ears.
The opening really grew on me. The ending is still meh.
As far as directoring and scriptwriting goes, they did as well as possible.
Margaan and the guys in ITW just made everything better. I wouldn't've enjoyed this so much if not for them.
But, in the end, it was not Margaan, but the author, the one who made me like this anime.

I just wonder sometimes...
Why so talented people must write parodies of high school romcoms? Ain't there other shit to parody?

Sheesh. Now I want something not set in school from the same author. And I will probably never get it.

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