Sunday, 24 November 2013

Koimonogatari episode 1

This thing is various... no... all different kinds of "Now I've lost it".
Saying that my sides are off using the gravity well of Jupiter to speed up on their way for Uranus' rings is just not cutting it. Them. From by being. Whatever.
It's one of those episodes that you can't help but hum along "I know I can kill"... at least when you have enough breath, because laughing too much is usually an impeding task when it comes to other chores like singing.
And you can't help but stop at 07:22 and start writing blog posts, just so that your tortured chest gets a little break. See, maniacal laughter is serious business. You can't just half-ass it. Or half-sides it. One sides to Pluto, one to Uranus is a no-no.

Also, Kaiki narrating is just priceless. In between all the other priceless stuff, this is priceless enough to be pricelessly mentioned.

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