Sunday, 23 June 2013

Dropping a show during the BD bonus episode

What did the end of Chuunibyou leave us with?

As of the question "Should we live our lives uncaring, or should we depress ourselves like the rest of Japan?" they did provide as an answer the obvious first part.

But they did so by reverting the situation to the status quo.

See, there's a difference between conscious understanding of your own delusions, and simply enjoying your own delusions. What was it, I did post a quote of this sort before...
The world is mysterious and wonderful as it is. It is not solely divided between those who use their imagination and soulless drone slaves to society. You just need to look harder.

Anyway, what did the first half of the OVA give us?

1) reverting to the status quo. complete and utter, the characters have not grown as humans even an inch.
2) It's lolfunnay to show the characters in a different light, right, and, like, Nisemori is always going down on that one annoyance, so it's, like, a, like, good, like, idea, to, like, show her being submissive to that annoyance for once, right?
Because that totally doesn't rip out the spine of the good self-reliant strong character that was Nibutani. Right.

Yeah, fuck this shit, they obviously fell down to cheap money-making techniques that we've seen hundreds of times already. Because it's a good idea to go by the letter of this business, and providing something different is bad, right. This doesn't speak well of the second season, not at all. I think I will just save my nerves now, and drop this franchise.

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